Svezapod Business Card

All your business cards don’t have to look the same. With digital printing, it’s not more expensive to have 10 designs than one and that is used by the Russian company Svezapod here in their design that also used a square instead of the normal rectangle.

Handyman Business Card

How would you imagine a handyman business card would look like? I would imagine it something like this and it would be no shame to hang this beast of a business card on the fridge, so you have the number next time you need help to fix something at home. I’m sure this is one of the best investments this company has done in a long time, making a business card that people will pick up, remember and use to call them next time they need a handyman.

3 Business Card Trends in 2017 To Look Out For

What makes a successful business card design? The fundamental purpose of a business card is spreading the word about your business and giving contact information to interested persons. No matter how well-designed a card can be, it needs to serve its purpose as a functional personal marketing tool.

In the last years, we have seen. Many companies have realised that this hard printed medium can be a part of their branding process and is a vital first look at a piece of the design from the company from many partners and customers.

That’s why we have seen companies working with new shapes and materials with a focus on high quality. You can still buy 500 business cards for 3.99 but then it’s also just a piece of paper with your name on. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we are seeing from designers and some examples. Continue reading

Billboards Advertising Business Card

This design has all the best features of an outdoor ad—in the form of a business card. Its durable plastic body resists damage from water and weather. The front side of the card is printed to look like an outdoor sign spray painted on a brick wall, which is fitting since it’s for an outdoor ad company. The fonts provide the finishing touch: a logo that looks a lot like graffiti. Designed by

Reusable Recycled Business Card

The U.S. generates millions of tons of paper waste each year—and business cards are one of the leading culprits. designed this card to minimize its impact on the environment. The fill-in-the-blank layout removes the worry of expired contact info, while the perforated lines turn one card into three. Best of all, it’s made from recycled paper and letterpress printed with a minimal amount of ink.

Generic Business Card Template

Starting your own business can be hard, but with this template, the design of your business card won’t take long. Just download the template, open it in Adobe Photoshop (They have a free 30 days trial) and change the text before you export it as a PDF and get it printed!

Designed by Free B Card

3,5” x 2”

Download PSD Template

Where to get it printed?
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Simon Wenger Business Card

One of the best ways to make a business card stand out of the crowds is a custom shape. When buying a business card the technology is called die cut and the options are only limited by your imagination. Here is a great example of Simon Wenger who is fine tuning pianos, and have a business card with the shape of a piano!

Cura Business Cards

When talking business cards, premium should be the new standard! Cure realized this and made their business cards in a squared shape, with painted edges, printed using letterpress and a unique icon for each name. When you have used lot’s of energy on a meeting or exhibition you also want a business card that don’t get thrown away afterwards.


Cooksimple Business Cards

Cooksimple makes meals that are easy to make but still tastes great. Their business cards really tell a lot about the company and are inspired by the packing of their products, full of colors and patterns. I would love to try their products after seeing these business cards.

The size of the card is custom and made after the shape of the logo that would be very wide on a normal size business card.


Clint Robinson Business Card

Clint Robinson Business Card

When you don’t need 500 business cards, but just a hand full to the few customers you are visiting through the year, it gives some possibilities. Here you see a walnut business card that’s laser cut into a custom shape, laser etched with info on one side and glued french paper with print on the other side. The craftmanship alone is crazy as well as the design and I really like it. When you have a tray filled with the business cards you had handed over from an event or from the past, this would really stand out and be one you keep.

Designed by the designer Clint Robinson by Chris Wright from HLCO Laser Studio – If you want more great ideas regarding wood and laser, take a look at HLCO Laser Studio’s website.

Hatch Bar Business Card

The Hatch Wood Veneer Business Card

One of the trends we see is using wood as a background on business cards. It’s a great way for “green” companies or companies working with wood to get attention, but other companies can also use it as it gives a cozy vibe to the card. Here it’s real wood that’s used to print on, but today you can also get some pretty amazing background using textures so it feels like real wood, but still is paper. This card is printed on Wood Verner by Rise and Shine Letterpress as an experiment with letterpress on wood.