HexaCode Business Cards

When you are a nerdy company, it’s also okay to have a nerdy business card. If I showed this to some of the people working for a big corporate business they would say: Why is it so dark? What’s going on with that green color? If I showed it to a gamer he would say: What kind of gaming products do this company make? I would like to check them out.

Know your target customers and make a design that talks to them! If you just ask random people what they think about your business card, you will get random responses you can’t use.

Head Salon Emporium Business Cards

Is it a hair salon? Is it a gallery? The answer is that it’s a combination, a new concept created to stand out against other salons in the same area. The card is made to represent the special vibe that you find when you step into the gallery, ready to meet your hair artist. I really like the idea of wrapping the image around both sides of the card, and the setup of the information on the back.



Von Herkomer Foundation Business Card

White paper still works for business cards, but you need to have an idea with it. Here it gives all the focus to the great logo and makes it easy to read all the information on the business card. It’s hard to see on the picture, but if you had the card in your hand you would feel the quality coming from the Mohawk superfine 650gsm paper that was used to produce the cards. And the soft finish that was applied afterward.

Designed by March Branding

Den Business Card

This could have been a boring old school business card, but Den decided to get a beautiful illustration that fills the front. On this business card the logo takes second place, but still placed strategic just above the contact information so everyone that uses the card will notice it. A great example of how a corporate business also can make great business cards.

VKNGS Business Card

I personally never get tired of minimalistic business cards and edge painting. This business card from VKNGS is another great example that everyone should see before they design their next business card.

Modular Business Card

Looking for a modern business card? Working with technology or digital services? Then please take a look at this beauty. Designed by Leon Serra this colorful business card leaves the receiver with a feeling of a nerdy company that knows their stuff.


Major Hunting Business Card

Major Hunting has set its sights on clients with a brand new business card—literally. The big game hunting company invites sportsmen and women to look through the crosshairs on this design as if looking down a rifle’s scope. A trophy elk prowls along the bottom of the card inside the brand’s monogram logo to draw attention down toward the contact info. Matte black ink camouflages the plastic card, which is completely weatherproof for the avid outdoor enthusiast. Designed by Company Folders.

Rebel Silencers Business Card

Rebel Silencers make some of the most affordable silencers in the USA and as you can see on their business card, they sell most of their products on the American market where they want people to know that they support a local manufacturer. There are a few great details here on this card, the first being the signature that makes it more personal, the next being the made in the U.S.A. that gives the feeling of supporting something local and the last thing is the choice of colors where the orange and blue really looks great next to each other.

Big thumbs up to the designer Case Morton 

Twisted Atlas Business Cards

Twisted Atlas Business Cards

We have all tried the situation where you have to hand over a business card, but it’s dirty and the corners are bent from the time in your wallet or pocket. When you are a team of people traveling the world with only a backpack, like Twisted Atlas are, the best way to hide that is to make cards that are designed to look used.

These business cards are so well designed. I love the idea!

ADG Business Card

ADG Business Cards

Making a business card can be a long design process where you need to follow different ideas. When ADG needed a new business card design this was the options the design company presented! They ended up with the one with water drops on the card, where they added spot gloss on the drops to bring them to life.



Panos NIkolaou Business Card

If you are serious you also need to show it. Panos NIkolaou does that with his business card that’s printed on 600gsm paper using yellow hot foil technology.