Why business cards? Is a question I often get asked when talking to new partners and the question is simple. After many years as an online marketing consultant meeting maybe thousand new customers, I understood that a big part of impression I had after the first meeting was the business card they left. Maybe I met them at an event without knowing their products, website, and business. Now everything I had was the word of an owner or employee and a business card.

When coming back from a day where people had handed me 10 or 20 business cards I had to prioritize which clients to follow-up on first. And often it was the customers with a cool looking business card, because who don’t want to work with a client that have a great looking graphical profile?

After seeing more than 1000 different cards I can also tell that there are lots of ugly cards out there. Even big companies have ugly looking cards that really make them look like a old business that haven’t developed in the last 30 years.

I hope you can use this site to get some new inspiration while designing a business card for your business or client. Or maybe it can help you tell your designer what you want!