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Young and Hyperactive Business Card

Edge paint is often the final touch that shows that you used that extra time on the design. On these cards they have really used the space for branding, showing more about who they are.

Flavio Vincenti Business Cards

When out for a tradeshow you meet alot of new people and your one goal is to get these people to remember you! One option is to hand them a business card that makes them remember you, a card they won’t throw out, even if they don’t have the need to contact you now. A card they will hide and remember next time they need what you are offering.

Each card is first letterpressed, then laser cut and then edge painted before they are decorated with a needle and strings!

Julio Quintella Business Card

A business card is just a small part of the corporate identity. It’s an important part as it’s often the first thing new people see when you have been out for a meeting, but it’s important that the next things they see are the same quality.

The business card you see above is from the designer Julio Quintella. You can see more about how he designed all this here


Personal Edge Business Card

Ryan Duffy¬†ordered his new business cards from, but took the ones that’s 3 times thicker than the normal ones. Then he decided to paint the edges on his own. You can also get them to do it for you, but just for a few cards or testing it’s properly easier to do on your own.

When doing it he also made a tutorial that you can check out here: