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Simon Wenger Business Card

One of the best ways to make a business card stand out of the crowds is a custom shape. When buying a business card the technology is called die cut and the options are only limited by your imagination. Here is a great example of Simon Wenger who is fine tuning pianos, and have a business card with the shape of a piano!

Photographer Business Card

Designed to look like an SLR camera, this 0.5 mm black metal business card is the perfect way for any photographer to leave a memorable impression.

The cut through, black printing, etching, and laser engraving are all components that make this card the complete package. The design of this card includes a convenient outer loop that can be used for key chains. The cut through shutter provides not only detail to the camera as a whole, but adds aesthetic appeal to the reverse side of the card as well. This unique metal business card design is ideal for photographers.

This black metal business card is design + printed by Rock Design

Wind Life Business Card

A vibrant turquoise background implies creativity and good health. And since the color is often used to represent moving air, it’s the perfect choice for Wind Life. Custom die-cuts are strategically placed around angular black shapes; the black areas even resemble a W to reinforce the brand’s name. The word “life” appears in white to symbolize purity and clean living. Designed by Company Folders.

Jackson Pediatric Dentistry Business Card

A round die-cut shape gets rid of all the sharp corners of a standard business card, helping make this design for Jackson Pediatric Dentistry kid-friendly. Likewise, the quirky font and cartoon of a smiling little kid create an energetic, youthful vibe. Its cool blue, white, and black color scheme adds a professional tone that appeals to parents. Design created by Company Folders.

CaroselloLab Business Card

The creative agency CaroselloLab needed a new business card and made this fantastic looking retro carousell ticket. It’s honestly one of the best ideas I have seen after publishing over 1000 different designs here on the blog! After seeing this, I would be happy to get a quote from them on my next branding task.



noa Business Card

Many people think of die-cut as an expensive process, but with new technology it’s affordable for almost all companies and it’s a great and simple way to make your businesscard stand out! This card from noa is a great example of that. Read more about the whole design process here

Doxly Business Card

A simple detail can make a big difference. This Die cut card from Doxly shows the power of a simple detail that takes this business card from a std. card to a premium card.


Manga Face - letterpress business cards

Manga Face

These large eyes painted in manga style and printed in letterpress really grips attention. Card is double sided, contact side includes only email address, it is very minimal, but definitely a good decision.

To print this card in letterpress we have used the thickest 1 ply 640 gsm cotton paper and a multi-level impression. Card was die cut to achieve nice and clean edge. This letterpress business card turned out really awesome and we are very pleased with the final result.

Cara Bell - letterpress business cards

Cara Bell

These letterpress business cards were designed by Cara Bell, a graphic designer working for Steed, small web development, branding, and design agency located in northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Company Folders - die-cut business cards

Company Folders

Measuring 2 x 3 1/2, this small folder features a portrait orientation, rounded corners and two 1 1/4″ pockets. Most often used as a business card.

Olga Diana Török - Die Cut Business Card

Olga Diana Török

How it started

As usual old friends come to us with interesting and challenging projects. We are a curious bunch here at Xceed – We design, so we accepted the challenge to design and produce a cool business card.

What inspired it?

The card is inspired by pop-up books and various projects done by other talented people before us. We felt the need to show our approach to this kind of project and leave our fingerprint on the market. We were here! 🙂

The creative process

First of all we needed a proof of concept and started by sketching a portrait and making cutting experiments on our reliable Mimaki cutting-plotter using all types of heavy paper laying around our studio.

We liked the results so we took our friend out on a photo session.
She’s a very talented actress so we needed to capture her personality and expressions. It was a great walk through town, good weather and mood! 🙂

After we chose the right photo, we finished the graphics concept and built the print/cut layout. We sent it to our partners for them to print on various heavy weight paper so we can test and calibrate the cutting.

After ironing out the issues that appeared, we sent the final batch to the printers. More or less this was the process that lead to the results you are now seeing.

Where was the printing done?

We printed at our friends from We collaborate since 2006 and during these years went through different interesting projects that raised a lot of technical challenges. Bottom line, they’re solid business partners and friends.

Technical Challenges

We customized a Mimaki Cutting-plotter knife so we can cut cardboard. Because we encountered problems in cutting the full card, we only cut the shape around the head. The rest was done using a heavy duty electrical guillotine and corner rounding machine.

The material used

We tested various papers and finally chose Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl White, 300 g/sqm. It’s lighter than Colotech matte paper, has a pearl finish and great rigidity.

Production costs

Printing and finishing cost per 100 pieces is 80 EUR. Graphic design and photo shooting fees not included.

Ideacage - die-cut business card


This business card is a great example of die-cut rounded edges, the business card was created for social media management team, Ideacage.