Wind Life Business Card

A vibrant turquoise background implies creativity and good health. And since the color is often used to represent moving air, it’s the perfect choice for Wind Life. Custom die-cuts are strategically placed around angular black shapes; the black areas even resemble a W to reinforce the brand’s name. The word “life” appears in white to symbolize purity and clean living. Designed by Company Folders.

Empera Business Card

Can a business card get too simple? This is properly the most minimalistic card I have seen, and I still like it!

20 Creative Colorful Business Card Designs

Colors do more than just attract attention to your business card design. They showcase your brand’s personality and evoke your audience’s emotions—which can lead them to react to your call to action. Because colors are so entwined in human psychology, it’s important to choose the right ones for your business card.

These great designs from our gallery and from the folks over at Company Folders will show you what color can do for your business card.

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Randy Parker Photography Business Card

What could be a better business card for a photographer than a camera? Company Folders created this design for Randy Parker Photography illustrates a camera using gold foil stamping. The metallic foil shimmers and shines on the black background to create an elegant look that’s perfect for high profile clients. Light reflecting across the card also mimics a camera’s flash to reinforce the photographer’s brand identity.

Young and Hyperactive Business Card

Edge paint is often the final touch that shows that you used that extra time on the design. On these cards they have really used the space for branding, showing more about who they are.

Jackson Pediatric Dentistry Business Card

A round die-cut shape gets rid of all the sharp corners of a standard business card, helping make this design for Jackson Pediatric Dentistry kid-friendly. Likewise, the quirky font and cartoon of a smiling little kid create an energetic, youthful vibe. Its cool blue, white, and black color scheme adds a professional tone that appeals to parents. Design created by Company Folders.

8 Essential Steps to Design Your Best Business Card Yet

As a designer, you know it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Which means you’re aware of all the cool business card options out there-like awesome imprint methods, die-cuts, and manufacturing materials.
But sometimes, having so much information can cause a different design problem: analysis paralysis. When you’re completely overloaded with choices, you reach a point where you can’t choose anything at all.

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Consumer Robotic Business Card

Company Folders designed this business card for Consumer Robotic to have a modern look, complete with a stylish turquoise on chocolate color palette. A blue bar at the top adds to the cool style by using negative space to create the brand name and logo. The ribbed columnar card stock tops off the design with a vivid texture.

20 Bold Black & White Business Card Designs

Business cards are often a blur of bright colors designed to make you look here! Take action! Call now! It can get a little overwhelming with so many different colors all vying to catch your eye at the same time.

Having a black and white business card is a way to make yourself stand out from the colorful crowd. Its neutral color palette makes it seem understated at first glance—but take a closer look, and you’ll see just how bold a black and white business card can be.

To help you get inspired, here’s a collection of great black and white business cards from the design gallery and from the creative team at Company Folders.

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