Why business cards, you say? Well, after many years as an online marketing consultant, meeting maybe thousands of new customers, I understood that a big part of impression I had after the first meeting was the type of business cards they gave me. After receiving 10-20 business cards from an event, I had to prioritize which contact(s) to follow-up first and very often it was those who had a really unique, personalized and of course, striking looking business cards that caught my attention, without knowing in details about their products, services etc., besides the word of the owner/employee of the company itself.

So after seeing more than 1000 different cards, and perhaps a little obsessed with creativity as well, I created this site to inspire YOU (and me personally), to stand out from our competitors in our respective niches. We can always learn from the experienced ones and improve our first impression, meeting with potential clients/collaborators. “Never underestimate the power of a business card” – that’s the advice I always give my friends and colleagues.

I hope you can benefit from Carddsgn – to get inspired while designing a business card of your own or for your clients. Maybe, it can even help you to communicate with your designer better by showing them a few examples that meet your needs.